International Champion Canadian Grand Champion La Vid Targa (De La Parra)

Targa is a recent addition to our team, and is a partnership between Babylon Bulldogs and Over the Top Bulldogs - Winnipeg, MB.  We are extremely excited about this new opportunity and how this girl will excel in the show ring and in the whelping box.

Targa was bred by  Jorge de la Parra Suarez in Mexico.  She has some great Classic American Lines including Graybulls and Hetherbul Bulldogs.  After a year of living down in the sun, Targa moved to Canada to experience some great prairie winters while getting prepared for the Canadian Show Ring.  Come the new year, Targa is planning on a trip to British Columbia to be shown by Jennifer Driessen and her team.

Targa is presently living in Winnipeg, MB with the Comeau Family.

Canadian Kennel Club 

Mexican Kennel Club