Canadian Champion Lil Buddy Monica for Babylon (Tofino) is our new foundation girl.  She lives with the best lesbians - Tracy & Pamela in Delta, BC.  She was a result of a partnered breeding between Lil Buddy Bulldogs and Over the Top Bulldogs in Winnipeg, MB.  Tofino started showing early as a baby puppy and rolled right into regular shows achieving her Canadian Championship as a 12 month old puppy.  She is a gorgeous little girl that is an example of what a healthy bulldog should look like.  Tofino has a tremendous amount of attitude and sass to match her incredible personality and we look forward to seeing this bitch succeed on the show circuit and in the whelping box.

      CHIC #135961

              Congenital Cardiac Disease / Tracheal Hypoplasia / Patella Luxation / HUU

Canadian Champion S & D Bulls Chocani AKA Greenie (Lucy) was purchased from S & D Bulls to help us rebuild our breeding program.  She is a solid girl from Cherokee and Littleponds lines, a piece we have been working hard to incorporate.  Lucy has started strong in the show ring in Canada.  We cannot wait to see how this girl places in the ring and hopefully what she produces in the pen.

     CHIC #135961

              Congenital Cardiac Disease / Tracheal Hypoplasia / Patella Luxation / HUU

International Champion De La Targa  or Targa for short, is our 2023 Show Pup  She is from Mexico.  Targa lives with us in Langley, BC when she is not showing with Jenn.  Targa is co owned with Charlene and Renee Comeau. We are excited for this season as we watch this girl grow up.

Targa has earned her first 5 points in Brandon, MB (1), and on Vancouver Island (4).  We also entered her in the International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) where she recieved her International Championship Title.



French Bulldogs

Iroc's Jasper for Babylon GVK was our first Frenchie.  I never intended own a French Bulldog, but she was very cute.  Jasper has two points towards her Canadian title, prior to us moving to BC.  She has had one singleton, Rip.  She lives in South Surrey with Jon & Kristy and thier family.  She is amazing dog - that loves sleeping in a bed and will not sleep in a crate.  

Iroc's for Babylon GVK is our second Frenchie.  She is a pretty little girl with an amazing temperament.  She lives in Aldergrove with Steve & Jenn and thier kids, along with Bruce (another French Bulldog).  Ella has just had her first litter of 7 and is an amazing mom.  

Aisha V.D. Mestreechteneerkes comes from the Netherlands.  As a result of the breeding restrictions being implemented by the European Kennel Clubs.  This little girl became available to us & we are super excited about seeing how she does in Canada.  Aisha currently lives in South Surrey with Wayne & Laura - who are amazing pet owners.  I think this pup has more clothes than me.

Babylon's Fiona Loves the Ocean is a recent edition to the Babylon Bulldog Family.  She is the offspring of our girl Ella, which we recently retired.  She has a wonderful temperment, and is a very sweet girl.

Geoff is awesome - how does this guy not have a cape?  We love Nela and she is amazing with our kids.  Initially my wife was surprised when I show up with a new puppy, but slowly the pup won her over and she is a great additon to our home.

Kevin Kew

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