MAXIMUS is our best example of our breeding goals since entering into the Bulldog world.  He lives with Melissa & Angel on Vancouver Island.  Max is our breeding.  He has some amazing lines and has produced some great puppies, and competed exceptionally well in the show world.  Max finished his Canadian Championship at eight months of age.  We are most proud of his win at the Vancouver Island Regional Specialty where he beat an exception group of bulldogs.  Jennifer Driessen and team did an incredible job exhibiting this amazing boy.  Max is now mostly retired from showing and is enjoying his life as a stud dog and is open to approved females.  

CHIC #115834

Congenital Cardiac Disease / Tracheal Hypoplasia / Patella Luxation / Retinal Dysplasia / HUU 

French Bulldogs

Auggie  is our own breeding.  He was scheduled to be our next show dog, however he broke a leg as a puppy and now walks with a pretty impressive limp.  He lives on a farm with Tom & Mary and is making thier place a little more exciting.  We love Auggie and he has an impressive pedigree and is part of our breeding program.  We are looking forward to see what this little monster produces.  Call us for information for any more information.  

Geoff is awesome - how does this guy not have a cape?  We love Ella and she is amazing with our kids.  Initially my wife was surprised when I show up with a new puppy, but slowly the pup won her over and she is a great additon to our home.

Kevin Kew

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