Show homes is a back door to Babylon Bulldogs imposed limitation policy.  See, Geoff would have at least six Bulldogs live with him; however, Miranda has imposed the limitation of two Bulldogs to live in the home (2 is actually stretching that a bit).  So, in order to keep a healthy breeding and showing program in Geoff's life, he has reached out to people that would like to become show homes for Babylon Bulldogs.  This means that the show home raises a healthy Bulldog bred by Babylon Bulldogs, and Babylon Bulldogs can show the dog in conformation and retain the breeding rights.

At this point we have a number of show homes, but we are always up for more opportunities.  We typically look for people that have the right environment for either Bulldogs or Frenchies to thrive recognizing that they thrive in a plethora of settings. We have found that kids have a big impact on the development of our dogs.  Our desire is that we also have owners that live in the Fraser Valley, although we have been known to have homes in adjoining provinces and states - logistically it makes more sense to have them close.   

The typical agreement allows people to have a dog, where they cover the normal expenses of a pet, all other expenses are that of Babylon Bulldogs.  If you are interested in such an agreement, please don't hesitate to contact Geoff at 604-600-1841.

Being a show home has been a great experience.  Loving our dog in our home and giving her a normal family life, but also having the support of Geoff as a breeder is the best of both worlds!  Two litters in, we know first hand our family dog is also well taken care of in the home of another family while she is whelping her puppies; and the great support of Geoff is for the dog health and training has been so helpful.

Nicole Meliefste & Tonks

Show & Pet Home