Babylon's Cookies and Cream

This is Lil Rip, or Ripper MaGoo, or the Terroist - this little guy has been called it all.  This was our first bred French Bulldog, and he was a joy from the very beginning.  He models what a French Bulldog is all about.  He is stubborn, into everything, confirmation is fantastic, and he has taken over Mike's world.  


We have been fortunate enough to place this guy with Mike, a single guy thats world has been taken over by Rip.  Somehow Rip has been used to make it into Restaurants as some kind of weird service dog, increased Mike's Tinder profile and has become somewhat of a mascot at his workplace closing more than Mike.  


If Rip continues to develop, show well, and pass his health testing - we will plan to use him in our breeding program.  He would be available to approved Frenchies.