Our Puppies

Babylon is not a large kennel, but we do make plans to breed a couple of litters every year.  We are selective on where our puppies go, trying to find great homes for our dogs. Bulldogs are not for everyone.  We love talking about this breed, want to get know you as a potential owner and ultimately get the right match for these pups.  We will post the breedings that are upcoming, and once confirmed we will take names and deposits for the upcoming litters.  If you have any questions please contact Geoff at 604-600-1841. 

I can't say enough about Geoff and the service I have received. Geoff has been there every step of the way as this is my first experience with a puppy, he even accompanied me to the animal hospital when little Rip got into something that made him sick at the dog park. If you got a puppy from anyone else you didn't get the best!

Michael Simpson & Little Rip

French Bulldog