Iroc's Queen Vashti for Babylon

Queen Vashti has always been a home body.  Initially she was obtained from Iroc Bulldogs in Beaumount, AB as a potential show dog; however it become clear early on that Vashti does not like to travel, even on the way home as a pup she showed signs not liking the car.   Once I got her home I suggested that we were just puppy sitting her for a friend - four months later a lot more questions started to surface.

We attempted to show Queen Vashti locally a couple of times; however it became clear quickly that she was not interested in traveling anywhere.  She has an amazing temperament and warmed up quickly to our kids, particularly our daughter.

We have bred Vashti once and had a nice litter of eight.  We plan to breed her again this fall and hope for some great puppies that have her mothers temperament.  She is a little bulldog, so we are pairing her with a male that has some size.   If you are interested in an upcoming litter, please keep in touch.  We are hoping for some great results and some beautiful puppies this winter.

CHIC #117874
           Congenital Cardiac Disease / Tracheal Hypoplasia / Patella Luxation / HUU