Priscilla was the foundation of our breeding program, and our first bulldog.  She was purchased from Topbrass' Bulldogs out of Hamilton, ON.   Priscilla, like most of our bulldogs, was snuck into our home when Geoff's mom came for a visit.  She won over the family pretty quickly and continues to grab our attention. 

Priscilla completed her Canadian Championship quickly.  At eight months we traveled to Kitchener - Waterloo for the Canadian Bulldog National where she gathered six points.  She completed her championship a couple of months later in Alberta.  She showed for a couple of weeks in the United States, but her passion for the show ring dwindled and she was clearly not enjoying it anymore, so she came home.  

We bred Priscilla twice.  The first litter was an awesome litter of five.  Two of the pups went on to the show ring.  Babylon's Nebuchadnezzar Salute to Topbrass was the most successful becoming the third top Bulldog in Canada in 2016.  His litter mate Topbrass Guns & Roses Firecracker was number eight and number one female the same year.  The second litter was a singleton named Floyd that lives in Northern Alberta. 

Priscilla is retired and lives with us in Langley, BC.