Hamitup & Delilah

We are excited to announce the upcoming breeding of our Imperious Hamitup Take it to the Limit to IROC’s Delilah for Babylon.  Both these dogs have exceptional pedigrees and have gone through our mandatory health testing.  We are very excited about this pairing and are looking forward to puppies in July 2019.

Imperious Hamitup Take it to the Limit

Imperious Hamitup Take it to the Limit is from a great line of Bulldogs.  We found him by accident through Deliliah's Vet, and were presently surprised when we looked through his pedigree.  With a pedigree that highlights Little Ponds, Imperious and Cherokee, we are over the moon that this mating has taken and are looking forward to some great puppies this winter.  Hamitup lives with Dr. Ceaser Lima in Taber, AB.  Dr. Lima has been breeding Bulldogs for sometime and strives to better the breed.  We are both looking forward to this litter!


Iroc's Delilah of Babylon

Delilah was bought from Iroc Bulldogs in Central Alberta as a breeding dog.  She was a very cute puppy and comes from some impressive lines.  She lives in Southern Alberta with the Dewit family and became quickly attached to the three boys that love her immensly.  Delilah has been health tested by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for Trachea, Hips, Elbows and Patellas and is HUU and Cystine Clear.  This will be Delilah's first litter, and we are very excited to see what she produces.  She is a Vinny daughter, a dog that went number one in Canada in 2015 and has an amazing temperament.  


Babylon's Cain & Abel Salute to Imperious

We are excited to introduce our newest litter of two boys - Cain & Abel.  They were born on November 15 at Dolphin Veternary Clinic in Langley, BC.  Even though we were hoping for a girl to add to our show team - we are so impressed with the size and health of these two little bullies.  

Please keep a close watch on our Facebook page for updated pictures and evaluation on how these two develop.