Iroc's Delilah of Babylon

IROC Delilah for Babylon was also purchased from Iroc Bulldogs in Beaumont, AB.  Delilah has an exceptional pedigree.  Due to our move from Edmonton, AB to Langley, BC this little girl was placed in a breeding home in Southern Alberta with some friends and we never showed her.  Delilah lives with the Dewit family, and is the centre of attention in their busy household of 5 young ones running around.

We bred Delilah once so far with a dog just a few miles away.  We were looking for a good match for her all over the country, and by chance Delilah's vet is also a Bulldog breeder with a very impressive pedigreed dog named Rubble.  Rubble's owner is an extremely passionate bulldog enthusiast and a great Veternarian.  We are super excited about the connection we have with Dr. Lima and Rubble.

Delilah's first litter, although small, turned out to be a fantastic couple of boys, affectionally named Cain & Abel.  Cain ended up with a couple in Edmonton, AB while able stayed in the lower mainland and is our next show hopeful.  We were so impressed with the litter that we did a re-breed and look forward to the next of Delilah's offspring.