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Babylon Bulldogs is a small kennel located in Langley, British Columbia owned by Geoffrey Vande Kuyt.  Presently Babylon Bulldogs has 5 female bulldogs - Priscilla, Sapharia, Queen Vashti, Delilah and Jasper. They all live as pets in their home and in show homes with friends.  Geoff values this breed and understands the unique challenges that come with breeding the Bulldog.

Prior to raising and breeding bulldogs, Geoff and his wife raised and bred Boxers. Geoff has always been fascinated with the Bulldog breed and has a strong desire to see the breed excel in health, temperament, and confirmation.  In the winter of 2014 Geoff purchased his first bulldog, Priscilla, from Topbrass Bulldogs in Hamilton, Ontario.  The owners of Topbrass, Mark and Dawn Berryman, have been breeding Bulldogs for many years and Geoff had been looking for over two years for the right Bulldog from a reputable breeder.  Priscilla was a surprise to Miranda; however, the cuteness of a Bulldog Puppy will always win skeptics over.  Saphira, was purchased a year later from Topbrass and lives with Megan, a show home that has adopted our new female.

A couple of summers ago, Geoff snuck another Bulldog into the house when he brought Queen Vashti in to "puppy sit".  His wiffe got wise to the scam pretty quick - who puppy sits for 4 months?  Queen Vashti is from IROC Bulldogs, bred by long time Bulldog enthusiast Kandie Kroonen.  Deliliah and Jasper are recent additions and live with family friends in the Lower Mainland and Alberta.

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