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Welcome to Babylon Bulldogs!  This website is meant to give you a good picture of who we are and what we are all about.  Ultimately we love Bulldogs - showing, breeding, raising and just having them around.  We have been championing this breed for almost 6 years now, and our curiosity about the breed continuously grows.  

There is no other dog that compares to a Bulldog.  Their mannerism, personality and attitude seem to set this breed apart from any other.  That being said - they are not for everyone.  They are stubborn, hard to train, and have a plethora of health issues, but I would never want another type of dog in our home.  If you've ever been around one - you know what I mean.  

We have tried to give enough information on this website so our friends can learn about the breed so informed decisions can be made - and learning together might happen.  Welcome to Babylon Bulldogs and to this beautiful - mostly high maintenance breed of dog.

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We love our girl Delilah!  We got her the very same day I gave birth to our 5th child.  Everyone said we were crazy; a baby AND puppy!  She's a dream since both raved to EVERYONE about how awesome her personality is.  I need thought raising a dog could be this easy!  Delilah is amazing with our kids; she naps on the couch with them and she's tolerated all the pokes and prods that come from living with babies / toddlers.  She has a strong desire to be a lap dog so she comes to snuggle every chance she gets.  Geoff has been great to work with!  He's knowledgable about bulldogs had has answered my overly emotional postpartum phone calls and calmly guided me through owning a bulldog.  If you're on the fence about getting one of his pups - do it!  You won't regret it.  We love Babylon Bulldogs!

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